Popcorn Sales

Pack 751 Richardson participates in popcorn sales for some great reasons. First, it’s a major fundraiser that earns money for fun Pack activities, like Pinewood Derby.

Popcorn sales are also a great way to teach our boys and girl important life skills. Succeeding takes organization, time management, self-confidence, math, goal-setting, and persuasive skills, to name a few! We encourage everyone to participate, but it is voluntary. 

Selling Popcorn Is Fun

In 2023, Pack 751 Richardson popcorn sales kick off in late August and go through October. Scouts can sell popcorn through storefront shifts, door-to-door wagon sales, or online. 

To participate, create an account at Trail’s End, our fundraising partner. In Trail’s End, Scouts and parents can set sales goals, sign up for storefront shifts, share links to buy, track sales and deliveries, send thank you emails, and more.

Scouts earn points towards an Amazon gift card when they record their sales in the Trail’s End App. They choose the prize they want and points add up fast. 

We will have a kick-off call so watch our Facebook page for more info! 

How/Why We Sell Popcorn & Parental Support